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But try not to worry about that too much

26 Mulberry St. 603 543 1400. Free. Little concerned, but I feel like here in Winnipeg we pretty safe, winger Mathieu Perreault said. When we start traveling it be in the back of your mind a little bit. But try not to worry about that too much. In a recent op ed piece in the New York Times Secretary of State Colin Powell indicated that the Bush administration’s first foreign policy resolution in 2004 is “to expand freedom,” and to “support [its] consolidation in many new but fragile democracies. Surely the administration’s list would include Ukraine, a country that is vital to the strategic interests of the United States and Europe. This former Soviet republic of 48 million, once the world’s third largest nuclear power, now stands at a most critical crossroads, but judging by the recent actions of a crucial US government agency, the US is about to make a big foreign policy mistake..

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