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A few of my neighborhood friends gathered in my tiny

Your ability to accurately read another person depends on your own emotional awareness. The more aware you are of your own emotions, the easier it will be for you to pick up on the wordless clues that reveal what others are feeling. Think about what you are transmitting to others during conflict, and if what you say matches your body language.

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I should add that the rocks were not collected in those parks where all things, living or not, are protected. Yes, I have since mailed other rocks from Utah. Postal Service to transport rocks, opting to check the box at the airport in Seattle with my baggage at no cost.

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Good for you to work it out and follow through with your experimentation. I’ve read a similar thing in conjunction with cows and the plant types they choose to eat if they have the option. I wish I remembered where I read it but from memory it seems the cows who could keep alkaline had a much lower rate of mastitis and other ailments..

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